What Should a County Trust Seek to Achieve

We recommend that the trust set funding goals for 1, 3 or 5 years ahead with aims as to what it wants its money to achieve.  The trust should consider:

  • How the VCH’s work will impact on the locality/community/environment/education etc.
  • How much it will cost? Care needed here since a figure of £80k a year is ideal but hard to reach, and might be off putting if set too high. Can expect to set other goals, e.g. in terms of matched funding, or funding for volunteers/volunteer leader etc.
  • What will subscribers get for their investment? Six months for a parish history including volunteer input and a small grant to cover expenses. Publish on a website or locally with local funding (say local council puts up funding for a paperback). Red book after 5 or more years not the single goal.
  • Importance of volunteer input when approaching funders, and potentially of educational spin-offs – since likely to be more money in education budgets, especially of local authorities, than heritage.