Who gives to a County Trust?

Some people who will not make donations to a university or a local authority will give to a charitable trust supporting an activity sponsored by a university or local authority.

  • Individual donors – subscribers should be Gift Aiding their contributions. In some trusts they are regular contributors, in others they give individual contributions on an irregular basis.
  • Local charities and other trusts that may be willing to fund VCH.
  • Institutions (e.g. universities), local authorities, local history groups (some of which have dedicated research funding).
  • Large companies with corporate responsibility may be interested in some form of support for heritage to cement their role in the local community. Might even second someone to a trust to run it – a large company might see it as offering an opportunity for personal development of individual employees. Large companies might offer support for training programmes. Also worth approaching organisations like REACH if looking for an organiser.
  • Subscribers who will give to a particular project (for example in VCH Durham, several subscribers were found who agreed to contribute to work on the Darlington volume only)
  • Local authorities. Not the supporters they once were, especially as a result of Performance Review which is leading to year on year budget cuts, but worth remembering that local and parish councils do have their own grant making powers.
  • Local Learning and Skills Council (LSC) although most likely to be concerned nowadays with literacy issues.
  • Business in the Community – local Chamber of Commerce provides free advice and assistance for local charities.
  • Partnership funding – including local museum services and other groups to which VCH might contribute knowledge – outstanding research for a wider public. Knowledge transfer