Writing for the VCH

Local history is the study of places and communities. It dates from the time of the great antiquarian county histories from the sixteenth century onwards.

The VCH was founded in 1899 with the intention of writing a new and up to date history of each English county and, within each county, each historic parish. So far work has been completed in thirteen counties, and more than 3,250 parish studies have been completed.

The sections listed below, provide guidance, examples and lists of the key resources needed to research and construct a parish or urban history to VCH style and conventions.  The material is broken down into sub-sections with guidelines and key resources listed for each sub-section and can be navigated like a book either by using the clickable index or starting at the beginning and turning the pages.

In addition to writing a VCH parish entry, there are also guidance sections on how to write an England's Past for Everyone volume, the VCH's popular paperback series and writing for the VCH's website.

Guides to specific classes of sources can be found here and the VCH Style Guide here.