VCH Style Guidelines


The fullest general discussion of capitalization can be found in the Oxford Guide to Style, Chapter 4, Capitalization and the treatment of names. VCH usage diverges only a little from this. In general, initial capitals should be used as little as possible and more specific guidance is set out below.

Court of Common Pleas

Upper case.

Court of Requests

Upper case.

Privy Council

Upper case.


Always use lower case.


This should be capitalized in all instances.

See also: Friends' meeting house; Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)


Referring to the reign of James I (1603-25) and the architectural style pertaining to that period. Always use an initial cap.


Referrring to the reign of Elizabeth I or Elizabeth II. Always to begin with a cap.

Domesday Book (Capitalization)

In the text  it should be described as ‘Domesday’ or ‘Domesday Book’ with caps and does not require a definite article although ‘the Domesday survey’, does. Both 'Great Domesday' and 'Little Domesday' should use caps.

Further guidance on Domesday Book for VCH authors can be found here.

See also: Domesday BookDomesday Book (citation of)


Always use lower case, even when used of a particular building. For example:

  • St Mary’s chapel
  • Mount Tabor chapel
  • Bethesda chapel
  • the Methodist chapel


Lower case should always be used, even when used of a particular building. For example: Salisbury cathedral